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Исполнитель: винкс англиш

Название mp3: рок винкс

Добавлено: 2016-12-09

Время проигрвания: 03:06

Скачали: 732


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Текст песни:

fall in the sizzle of a blackened sea
get loose get juiced get pumped
crawl in the riddle that becomes routine
get ripped get pissed get crunk
rocked in a little and you self-esteem
get high and try a ton
card in the middle of a magazine
get lit get hit get drunk

lied to the middle of everything you'd be
no sight what's right at all
slide into livin someone else's scheme
tonight you fight you fall
try to be givin it the full extreme
no ride no god no run
cry so u fit in like a drama queen
come down unround so what

damn shame
what you gonna do when they drag ya name
oh oh mud
oh oh mud

hand in the tub of opportunities
get caught your taught to run
stand in the thrill of all immunity
the fix its quick for some
slammed to grill of all the scrutiny
too late for fate it comes
brand to be feelin all the infamy
it be and quit its done

ruffed up
tough luck
what you gonna do now you fucked up
oh oh mud
oh oh mud

oh oh mud
oh oh mud

Клип Игра Девушки Эквестрии: Студия Танцев
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