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Исполнитель: R-Mean

Название mp3: Open Wounds (Feat. Soseh) (про геноцид армян)

Добавлено: 2016-07-02

Время проигрвания: 05:10

Скачали: 782


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Текст песни:

На английском, припев - на армянском.

A bit of mystery lies in historys eyes/
Cuz in time the facts and the figures get twisted with lies/
The devil tried to kiss us goodnight/ But he hides/
Thats how a proven fact is simply denied/
I am a victim – a victim of time/
Victimized by the victory of viciousness the system revised/
They say a centurys passed – nothing can bring them to life/
I say our memories last – at least admit to your crimes/
I try to look these little kids in their eyes/
As theyre watching their mothers demise/
Shes cut – blood drips from her thighs/
She was pregnant – theyre ripping her stomach – its slit from the sides/
Just so they could guess on the sex of the kid thats inside/
They had us walking and walk in the blistering sun/
Sands of the deserts as far as our vision can run/
They had us walking in circles – walk till we starve/
Oh Lord, I hate ‘em! – Forgive me, its wrong but Im scarred/
They planted the seeds of hate in my heart – it keeps growing/
My heartbeats slowing/ My heart just keeps hoping/
Cuz well never – ever! - give up on our cause/
Cuz we owe it to all the people we lost/

Refuse to give in – our wounds are dripping like bloody hell/
From brutal whippings to crucifixions with rusty nails/
But who will listen/
The truth is hidden/
Massacres and cruel killings/
To snatching our future kingdom and commonwealth/
But where is the promised help?/
They distance ‘em from it/
well, is this what you wanted?/
Man, its just making me sick to my stomach/
Cuz Hitler has done it afterwards/
Following the Ottamans example - can you handle me quoting this bastards words?/
Cuz see in 39 this how your friend spoke:/
“After all, who remembers Armenians today” – end quote/
Forgive and forget? – no/
History repeats – this leach is draining us – let go!/
This battle against hope/
We gather around/
We light our candles in crowds/
These tears land on the ground/
Each year standing so proud/
Together we holding banners and shout/
But its spreading thru empty space that doesnt travel the sound?
Nobody wants to hear us!
The population just cant see thru the mess/
The way you treat one case determines what peoplell do next/
Souls cant peacefully rest/
till the killers secrets confessed/
Buried in our holy lands that we now dont even possess/
Its taken/ Pardon my phrases, Im blatant/
But all these nations are shaking the arms of satan for the sake of armybases/
Were praying to God to makeem admit it – were still hoping/
But they still wont and thats why these wounds are still open/

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