Owsey & CoMa - Stay With Me 2012 - песня 2012 stay with me

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Исполнитель: Owsey & CoMa

Название mp3: Stay With Me (2012)

Добавлено: 2016-12-23

Время проигрвания: 05:25

Скачали: 538


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Текст песни:

Please don't you worry
If I havent had much sleep
Because really I could just sleep in all day

So why don't we go out and
Lay around out in the grass?
Yeah, why don't we relax the day away?


I'll draw pictures with flowers
Scatter them around
I'll paint your name in grain

And if the clouds conspire
To take the day away
We'll go dancing in the rain


Клип Owsey & CoMa - Stay With Me
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