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Исполнитель: Oi Va Voi

Название mp3: Yesterday's Mistakes (Тульский пряник)

Добавлено: 2016-04-18

Время проигрвания: 04:40

Скачали: 651


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Текст песни:

Don't need another resolution
To feel as though I'm going somewhere, somewhere.

You said you needed me,
Or at least that's what I thought.
At times the memories
Seem to be knocking at my door.
I've seen the film a million times
Feels like I wrote the storyline
I refuse to replay
The mistakes that we made yesterday.

They were yesterdays mistakes (repeat)

I like to think I'm stronger now
Victim of common sense
The truth is that I know I still
Confuse the past with the present tense
Condensing what we had
To a single frame
That sticks in my mind
When I try to move on
The same image comes back every time


Forgive my selfishness
I'd be grateful if you can
Forget my ingratitude
You think I'm twice the girl I am
They say we should forgive
But not forget
What has gone before
I refuse to replay
The mistakes that we made yesterday

They were yesterdays mistakes
Yesterday's mistakes
I refuse to replay the mistakes that we made yesterday

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