Леди Золотая Ночь - Танец Зомби - ночь золотая ночь песня

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Исполнитель: Леди Золотая Ночь

Название mp3: Танец Зомби

Добавлено: 2016-07-21

Время проигрвания: 02:03

Скачали: 520


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Текст песни:

Ghoulia was working in the mad science room
When the chemicals she combined created a boom
And before she even realized her science mistake
She couldn’t stop dancing The Zombie Shake

Its hard to describe this new dance she created,
It’s strange and it’s weird but it’s not complicated
She jumped and she lurched as she danced, cross the floor,
She couldn’t stop so she danced right through the door!

She danced in the hallway and caused quite a scene
It was the craziest dance the students had seen,
And when she bumped into Slow Mo in a twist most outrageous
They discovered the Zombie Shake was contagions

Venus and Rochelle where the next to be taken
By this zombified boogie of shiftin’ and shaking
But it didn’t end there, no we’re just getting started,
There’s no stopping the dance of the dearly departed!

As they danced through the lunch room they continued to spread
The dance that resembles the walking undead,
You should try it yourself, it’s really quite fun,
Everybody was dancing by the time lunch was done!

It didn’t take long, as you might of expected
Before the entire school was infected
They said as long as we’re consumed by this monstrous trance
We might as well trow a zombie dance!

Ghoulia had a blast at the zombie informal,
But now it was time to get things back to normal,
She did her best to correct this whole dancing kerfuffle,
But instead she created the Vampire Shuffle!

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