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Исполнитель: Bobby Brown

Название mp3: Every Little Step (Шаг вперед 5)

Добавлено: 2017-04-07

Время проигрвания: 03:56

Скачали: 387


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Текст песни:

I can't sleep at night, I toss and turn
Listenin' for the telephone
But when I get your call I'm all choked up
Can't believe you called my home
And as a matter of fact, it blows my mind
You would even talk to me
Because a girl like you is a dream come true
A real life fantasy

No matter what your friends try to tell ya
We were made to fall in love
And we will be together, any kind of weather
It's like that, it's like that

Every little step I take
You will be there
Every little step I make
We'll be together

I can't think too straight, I'm all confused
You must've put a thing on me
Because there aren't no words that can explain
I'm livin' in ecstacy
And you can best believe, I got ya back
You never have to feel no pain
'Cause I'd dedicate my life to you
You'll never look for love again



Every little...woo!
Every little step I...
Every little step (Every little...every little step I take)

Every little...
Every little step I...
Every little step (Every little...every little step I take)

Girl...good lovin'...
Good lovin'...

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